Minimally invasive today
Dr. A. Ionescu
„Open healing” protocol GOLDEN STANDARD
Clinical aspect:

The membrane is fixated by suture to the free gingival margins PTFE continuous suture. No tension.

Atraumatic extraction with roots separation, Nio Oss and BioGide.

Tooth extraction and later implantation
Dr n med. Ziemowit Franaszek
post surgery, tooth extraction

6 months post surgery, no visible scars/marks

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a nonabsorbable material of high biocompatibility which for many years has been used for the production of vascular implants, heart valves and membranes for guided bone regeneration. PTFE can also be used for the production of surgical suture.

Clinical images of wounds in the oral cavity sutured with Coreflon immediately after surgery and 7 days later.
After the 7-day period the mucosa does not show signs of inflammation, wounds heal per primam intentionem.
In most cases, after a week of healing, Coreflon stitches can be removed.

Irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane after use of a popular surgical suture.
Dr n. med. Jarosław Pospiech


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